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Our Story

Our Story

Emmanuel Kuewor and his close friends James Vodzi and Ignatius King were life-long educators who shared a dream - to open a school for children based on the vision and teachings of Neohumanist education. Each of these men had been teachers as well as school supervisors, headmasters or inspectors.

Through the sincere efforts of Emmanuel and friends, a small land was eventually arranged, an architectural drawing made, building permits obtained, and a modest amount of cement purchased. The school (daycare center, nursery and kindergarten) opened its doors in September, 2016. Emmanuel had passed away several years earlier, but he was able to witness the beginning of the construction which gave him great satisfaction. James Vodzi passed away in 2015 and took pride in the nearly completed structure. The school is located between their family homes.

The first donation of Euros 1,000 was sent by AMURT Portugal. Preparation and construction of the profile and foundation began. Help gradually came from sympathizers in S. Korea, Taiwan and elsewhere. In 2013 a major fundraising effort enabled the basic structure to be erected. The completed, furnished and well equipped school opened in September, 2016.

Through the dedicated efforts of our staff, particularly the manager Emmanuel D. K. Adugu, and head teacher/administrator Madam Modesta Meiro, the school has flourished. We’ve become popular and now have an ever increasing number of students. In fact the original school has become too small to take proper care of all our students and the increased demand for more admissions.

A new architectural drawing was made for two additional storeys complete with classrooms and all facilities. Building permits were approved but it all seemed too congested for our small plot of land. The plans and drawings were changed to add just one more storey, and later expand on additional land. Once completed the original site will properly provide for creche, nursery and kindergarten, and temporarily primary 1 and 2 classes.

In late 2019, with the help of a close friend, we were able to acquire more land at a reasonable price. The new premises is located about 8 Kms. outside the city, just off a major road.

In the years to come a full primary school, and perhaps eventually also a junior high school, is envisioned on the new land. Our plan is to create a model of sustainable, ecological design which itself will be educational for the wider community.

James Y Vodzi & Emmanuel C K Kuewor
James Y. Vodzi and Emmanuel C. K. Kuewor
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