Ananda Marga

NeoHumanist Academy

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You Can:

  • Invest in Creating Ethically Strong Africans
  • Transform an Ordinary Ghanian Child into an Exemplary Ghanian Citizen
  • Mold Virtuous Character, Instill Noble Values, Foster Creative Thinking
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About Our School

Motto: “Education for Liberation”

You can change the future of Ghana, one child at a time, by shaping their values and character, and cultivating their creativity, ecological awareness and leadership qualities. At the Ananda Marga Neohumanist Academy we believe each child deserves the best possible education. We strive to make that accessible not just to the wealthy, but to aspiring parents of more modest means. These families also want to invest in their children to ensure that the next generation will be able to rise higher. Your support will give these children the opportunity not only for academic achievement, but to also get a firm ethical grounding in serving their community and a passionate pursuit to develop their potentials throughout life.

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